• Only get pregnant when you are financially and emotionally ready, Vera Sidika advised. Taking care of a child is no walk in the park.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo
Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo

It’s no longer a rumour that Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika, is heavy with her first child.

In her YouTube channel Vera explained that she conceived during Valentine's day, further adding that so far, she has had a smooth pregnancy.

Here are some pretty important lessons we can learn from Vera.

Always do you

One lesson we can learn is that no matter what you do people will always talk. In the case of Vera, some have been bashing her saying she contacted a surrogate, others said her pregnancy was a prank but she is not bothered.

She simply did her. Unapologetically.

Family planning works differently for different people

Vera said she used a family planning method that is frowned upon by many. She was however able to conceive a month after going off family planning.

We have heard of women trying to get pregnant for years after getting off family planning. What is important is consulting a doctor or a gynaecologist and agreeing on the best family planning method for you.

Conceive at your own pace

The African society is very notorious for pushing women to get pregnant even without knowing the struggles one is going through.

One thing women should embrace is that life is a journey and not a competition.

The only competition you have is you. So only get pregnant when you are financially and emotionally ready. Taking care of a child is no a walk in the park.

Don’t just get a child, just with anyone

The truth is, no one plans to sire a child with a deadbeat, irresponsible man but sh*t happens. The best thing for a woman is to try and sire a child with someone who is not toxic. A man with whom even when you decide not t be in a relationship with can still peacefully co-parent with you.