• I have cried my eyes out asking why? Lil'Kyeon

Losing a child is never easy, it’s a loss most people never get over as every year reminds them of milestones the child would have made.

Below are celebrities who have lost their kids in 2021.

Nick Odhiambo

The bubbly Hot96 presenter recently lost his 3-days-old son.

In a tweet, a sad Odhiambo said that he was still celebrating his newborn son only to turn out that he passed away three days after being born.

“What a short-lived joy! Born Friday 25th June- 28th June 2021...been celebrating you and giving mom space to heal

Then I am told you were buried yesterday...and just seen your new home! RIP son. I have cried my eyes out asking why? Lil'Kyeon” wrote Nick Odhiambo.

This is not the first time Nick is experiencing loss.

Welcomes baby
Nick Odhiambo Welcomes baby
Image: Courtesy: Nick

In January 2019 he lost his unborn child, a son e named J’lani

He announced the passing of his son via his social media pages expressing how he was yearning to have the baby.

“The countdown to your birthday cut short.... Sometimes life just throws you a curveball !!!..but it is what it is..lil' J'lani R.I.P.. My son didn't make it to see this beautiful world ...” read Nick Odhiambo’s post.


Early this year gospel artist Kambua lost her second-born son.

She shared the news of his demise with her fans via social media saying he fought hard but God saw it fit to call him home.

Mungai Mbaya

Upcoming artiste Mungai Mbaya, and his girlfriend Aisha Mohamed recently lost their 1-month-old son Lyric.

The death was announced by the 19-year-old first-time mum via her social media pages.

According to a post by Aisha, Baby Lyric had been in and out of hospital until he couldn’t fight anymore.

 May God give these parts the grace to deal with their loss and bless them again at his appointed time.