•Moms/dads should never give up. However hard it may seem, remember there is a God.

Pierra Makena
Image: Instagram

Four years after delivering her daughter Pokot, Pierra Makena says she never thought she would make it raising her alone.

Being a single mum after partying ways with her baby daddy, Pierra now says the many milestones her daughter makes have made her struggles worthwhile.

Sharing a photo of her daughter during a school event, Pierra wrote:

''Super proud of my LO!! School narration. Mamas Joy! Some of the moments I have prayed for. Thanks to my family and people I call family for coming through today.

She recalled the day her baby came into the world and gives gratitude to God. 

''Gosh, I love being a Mom!!!!! Just watching this, it took me back to 2016 when I had just given birth and I thought I will not make it!

It was hard...but look at God. Those who know my story will understand and for those who don't it's a story for another day.!! Moms/dads should never give up.

However hard it may seem..remember there is a God. Thanks, Tr. Cynthia.''