• The prosecution asked for the closed door session.
  • The identities of the three will not be disclosed to the media.
Tecra Muigai and Omar Lali
Image: Courtesy

Two nurses and a friend of Tecra Muigai from Lamu County are set to testify against Omar Lali at Milimani Court.

Milimani Principal Magistrate Zainab Abdul ruled that the witnesses will be heard on Camera due to security threats raised by the prosecution.

"I have considered the application by the prosecution and all parties to safeguard the witnesses. The concerns are merited," she said.

The three witnesses were present in court, ready to testify against Omar Lali in a closed-door hearing in Lamu.

The prosecution asked for the closed-door session, without revealing the identities of the three to the media.

"I have an application to have the matter heard in camera because the witnesses reside in Lamu and they are apprehensive that their security maybe jeopardized if their names and pictures appear in media", the prosecution counsel Peter Muia said.

James Karanja testifies in court
Tecra Muigai's brother James Karanja testifies in court

Other than the three, six witnesses who carried Tecra to hospital are set to testify.

They include; Qusai Lali Omar, Ali Bakari Muhammed, Abdul Lali Omar, Yaya Salim Muhammed, Ahemed Ali Sali and Mohammed Omar Muhanji.

Already 11 witnesses including Tecra Muigai's brother, mother and driver have testified against Omar Lali, who is the main suspect in the murder of the Keroche breweries heiress.