An LGBT flag

In Kenya, being a member of the LGBT community is considered a Taboo.

It takes much courage for one to publicly confess that they are a gay.

From Makena Njeri's experience, the negative comments that one receives could lead to depression and in the worst case suicide.

Makena Njeri gave a personal experience of loosing a friend who was not accepted as a gay person.

Some members of the LGBT community exclusively expressed the challenges they are facing to Mpasho;

"A judgemental community, some guy once trolled me after he found i was into girls."

"Hatred, mockery, loosing friends, having less support from people who you thought would be on your side."

"Ruiru lesbians are being raped na watu wa bike ati kushow superiority."

" I was kicked out of my home by my brothers, and have since then been disqualified from inheriting our family property. They call me a disgrace."

"Being judged everywhere even by family members and bullied."

"I decided to introduce my girlfriend to my parents but they disowned me, i ceased to be their daughter."

However from our survey, we found out that many Kenyans are truely intolerant of the LGBT community.

Many have termed it a sinful act to have a sexual relationship between people of the same sex.