•Kenyans spew bile on those who come out

•It takes Makena's kind of boldness

CEO Bold Networks Africa
Makena Njeri CEO Bold Networks Africa
Image: Instagram

Being a member of the LGBT community is considered a Taboo by many people in Kenya.

Even the laws of our land do not allow marriages between same sex couples. In Kenya, having a same sex relation is punishable by up to 14 years in jail.

In neighbouring Uganda, same sex couples risk a life imprisonement for certain gay acts.

Recently, Former BBC journalist Chris Makena Njeri became bold enough to admit that she is gay.

Makena said that she took this bold step after mental suffering that led her to depression. But in order to save her soul from the mental torture, Makena decided to declare her reality once and for all.

“I remember for the first time in my life after very many years, I looked in a mirror and said to myself, ‘I am gay, I am unique, and this is my truth. This was a victory for me, but what I didn’t know was just this was the beginning of my journey to boldness," she said.

Makena's revelation still sparked fierce reactions from social media platforms.

Standing for LGBT community
Xtian Dela Standing for LGBT community
Image: Instagram

Days after, blogger Xtian Dela announced that he will contest for the Westlands parliamentary seat. Among Xtian's manifesto is to fight for the rights of the LGBT community.

Little did he know that fighting for the rights of a few Kenyans would deny him a peace of mind. A day later, the blogger said that he had received all manner of insults through calls, Direct messages and even emails.

He said that the negative responses denied him sleep that fateful day.

Seemingly inspired by Makena Njeri, musician Noti Flow also revealed her sexual orientation, she is gay.

Everything I ever wanted in him I found in her," the Foto Moto hitmaker wrote.

A look into Noti Flow's post on Instagram shows that not everybody supports her personal choice.

It is this hate that inspired Makena Njeri to form Bold Network Africa in order to empower the community.

The LGBT community has also been deemed a Taboo in the arts industry. This was evident from the ban of Rafiki movie by KFCB.