Kalembe Ndile's daughter Lucyanne Richards
Kalembe Ndile's daughter Lucyanne Richards

Former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile loved his family. His daughter Lucyanne Richards has shared her last text messages with her dad.

Kalembe passed away on Sunday morning while receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital for liver cirrhosis.

His daughter, Lucyanne mourned her loss by sharing intimate details of the last text messages between her and Kalembe.

"My heart is bleeding This can't be true. Please come back one last time," Lucyanne posted on her Instagram together with a screenshot of their last communique.

In the text message, Kalembe urges Lucyanne to, "Work hard, remember the car promise."

Lucyanne responds by promising to get nothing short of a first-class in her degree course.

Kalembe Ndile's last text message.
Image: Lucyanne Richards Instagram

Lucyanne also shared her last moments with her dad in the hospital.

"I remember very well, on Saturday morning I came to visit you, and like always; I'd call you and you'd open your eyes and ask me 'Ni Ndunge?' And I'd say yes and I'd ask you how you were doing, but you always lied. You always said 'I'm okay now.'"

She added, "I remember I told you I was done pursuing my degree which you were excited about and you smiled and waved at me. Heaven did not tell me that that was the last time I'd see you alive. I waved back not knowing you were leaving."

"This is hard for me to swallow. You were my best friend I never  found in anyone, we laughed and we fought, just like best friends do."

Lucyanne continued with her tribute.

"Daddie you didn't have to leave that impromptu, who will I talk to when my heart is burdened????"

Talking about the last moments she had with her dad in the hospital, Lucyanne said, 

"Then Sunday morning it was all gloomy. My whole world turned dark, you left me. Watching you lay in that bed, relaxed and so calm yet not breathing. I touched your face and you felt soo much alive"

"I called you my superhero and you always called me 'my daughter' ...Too soon for this; you'd at least wait till I can take care of you just like you always did for me."