Elizabeth Nalem, a mother of 6 from West Pokot county who wedded the holy spirit is headed for a honeymoon.

She will be travelling to Amudat District in Uganda for her honeymoon, thereafter, to the United States of America.

Speaking to the Standard, Elizabeth said she has left her children in the care of her husband and God, as she started walking to Uganda.

"I talked to my husband and told him to take care of my children. I am being guided by the Holy Spirit. When He tells me to go back home, I will but right now He hasn't.God knows how my children will eat I have left them in God’s hands,” she said.

The newly wedded said that she won't heed her husband's call to return home, and will only be back when the holy spirit directs her.

"God has shown me to travel to the United States when am done with Uganda. He told me to traverse the world but I told him I won't be able and requested him to recruit other members to help me in spreading the gospel," she said.

Elizabeth tied the knot with the spirit a week ago, in a colourful ceremony at a Makutano church.

She testified that she is among the few lucky people who have been called upon by the lord.

“We will start seeing things we have never seen, it is good i am bringing you the word. I ate ants, i ate everything and even gave birth to children. This God we sing about, no one has ever listened to his message. I am lucky to have gotten his message,” she said.