When you are shortlisted in the list of bridesmaids, it is all about making the couple enjoy their big day.

In everything you do, put in mind that it is not your wedding, therefore, you don't call for shots.

Some of the Do's include;

  1. Prepare to go deep into your pocket. Weddings are an expensive affair, and the couple may not cater for all costs. Therefore you should be ready to chip in by contributing for a budget or buying yourself those expensive heels the bride wants you to wear.
  2. Provide emotional support to the bride. A wedding can be a stressful affair for the bride and she looks up to her girls for a shoulder to lean on.
  3. Have fun. This is the day you should get loose to make the bride have the time of her life. If she wishes to dance with you, do not hesitate to step forward.

As a bridesmaid, you should not;

1. Cause conflict within the team. You should make it a priority to have a peaceful environment in the bridal team. Do not engage in negative arguments, exchange of words or even physical fights with anyone.

2. Overstep your boundaries. Know your place and only stick to your lane. For example if you have not been tasked with decor logistics, do not involve yourself in criticizing the decorations at the garden.

3. Be disorganized and unprepared. Being a bridesmaid comes with many responsibilities. Make sure you execute any tasks allocated to you in an orderly and timely manner.

4. Arrive late or leave early. As the inner circle of the bride, it is upon you to walk along with them from the beginning of the event up to its end. If you have to leave a little bit early, make sure you notify them. And this should not before the main activities of the day end.