When having a wedding, one of the biggest dilemma for the bride is choosing her girls, those who will accompany her down the aisle.

Out of a handful of friends, you have to choose only the best, and this could even result to broken relationships with those you left out of the list.

Remember your sister/s or the groom's might also be interested in getting this chance, and they may demand to be given privilege over your friends.

What should you do?

  1. Consider size of wedding

When planning bridal team logistics, consider the size of your wedding. The number of maids should match the number of attendants. For example, it might be inapplicable to have 10 maids in a wedding attended by 50 people or 4 maids in a wedding attended by 300 people.

2. Support

You should consider a bridal team that is made of supportive people. Those you can hold you when you trip after stepping on your gown, or quickly pass some tissue to you when you get emotional and shed tears. Most importantly, consider people who were supportive of your relationship not the 'Mtaachana tu' type.

3. Discipline

Always consider the worst character of an individual before inviting them to be part of your bridal team. Avoid dramatic friends and relatives who will erupt at the slightest provocation. If such people are so close or important to you, you can involve them in other major activities in the wedding.

4. What your man wants

When planning your bridal team, compare notes with your husband to be. If he is not comfortable with having someone on the list, you can discuss and consider dropping them out. If she wants that cute sister of hers, that you dislike, on the list, you will have to try and like them just to make the day special for both of you.

5. Confidence

Other than avoiding chaotic ladies in your team, select those that can walk with their heads high. As the bride, the confidence of your bridal team or lack of it will reflect on your face.