YouTuber and influencer Elodie says that sometimes she makes her life look perfect online, when it’s not.

Elodie said in an Istagram post that she struggles a lot with her mental health and has been open about it since she was 14 years.

“I recently lost someone close to me and it’s shattered me. I made this when I wasn’t in the right state of mind then went back and fourth trying to decide if I should post it or not. I’ve finally decided to because I feel like sometimes I make everything in my life seem perfect online when it reality I’m just as human as you. I get sad, a lot. I struggle with my mental health, a lot.

Truthfully, I have no idea what I’m even doing half the time... but all of you that follow and support me are the reason I keep going. I feel like I’m not fighting for myself, but for this huge family online that may not have anyone else who’s fighting for them" said Elodie in part.

She went on to encourage those who might also be going through a hard time.

'I’ve been extremely open about my struggle with depression since I was 14, so for anyone going through the same- I love you ❤️ The racing thoughts, the need to blame yourself, the physical chest pains, the numbness. We’re in this together because there’s no other way out than through supporting each other.

She further explained that she took a break from her Mental Mondays show after she felt like she was living a lie.