Every estate has a different culture and if you've dated around Nairobi, you'll know that there's something about Buru Buru ladies that will strike you differently. Now, depending on what your background and preferences are, these may either serve to attract you or repel you.

I took the diligence to speak to my friends about their experience with ladies from Buru Buru, especially the younger ones (ages 18 to 28) and this might sound biased. However, I think they are more agreeable. Here are three things about Buru Buru ladies

  1. They love to join dance groups

    Almost all Buru Buru girls have been or will soon be in an artists' video. If you don't think this is true, ask them to floss their phone gallery to you. Thank me later!

  2. They have an uncanny appetite for junk food

    Do you think that KFC landed in Buru Buru by mistake? They did their homework. Pizza Inn and Chicken Inn have made their money and so have all the shops selling fries. The fruit vendors have complained of reduced business because junk is the funk. Now, a good biashara is to start selling smokies, eggs, hotdogs  and sausages in BuruBuru. Don't forget to have kachumbari...

  3. Matatus are no longer in fashion for them

    This is puzzling. Matatus or "Manyanga" as they called them are no longer attractive to BuruBuru ladies, possibly because of the destroyed reputation ...or is it the effects of the pandemic? If you're looking for ladies who love matatus and feel comfortable on them, then Rongai is the place. Story for another day.

  4. They can't resist new clubs

    Nothing will turn on a Buru Buru party girl like a new club. With the restrictions that have changed lifestyles recently, there's now a renewed preference for clubs in the hood. What better time for Taurus Lounge in Buru Buru shopping centre, aye? They're open and they're good.Taurus Lounge Buru Buru

  5. Online dating doesn't work for them

    Have to hand it down to these ladies - they like to have a conversation one on one. Perhaps they're not pretentious and they believe what you see is what you get.

What other things have you noticed about Buru Buru ladies? Na si kwa ubaya tafadhali...