On Tuesday, Gospel minister Guardian Angel engaged the love of his life, Esther Musila.

The 'Nadeka' hitmaker in an exclusive interview with Mpasho.co.ke said that he went down on his knees on her birthday because he felt it was the best day to do so.

Asked about wedding plans, he said;

"Plans are there and I will post for my fans on social media."

The singer said he doesn't have to deal with trolls and only has time for his wife.

"I know of people who have different opinions of my relationship, if I didn't want them to talk about it, I'd have done my things privately and no one of you would have known. I post because I know your opinion will be there."


"I'm putting it out there knowing that people have different opinion."

He went on to paint a picture of a conversation he had with Musila.

"This morning, I've told my wife that, We all know there is God and we are living because of Him. But there are people who have a different opinion of God, who am I as a human being?"


"In fact yesterday when I was trending, I slept like a baby."

Guardian has a new album dubbed 'Thanks For Coming' which he has already released and a collaboration coming up.