Loosing body weight has been a dream for some Kenyan celebrities who are battling underlying medical conditions, or desiring to get a smaller physique.

And, after successful body transformations, the celebrities have shared their joy with fans.

Willis Raburu

The news anchor made a decision to loose his weight after a doctor warned him that it could be the cause of his death.

Other than the medical reason, Willis had also fallen victim to online trolls over his huge body size.

He embarked on a weight loss journey through exercising, and 7 months down the line, he could not hide his joy after losing 21.5 Kgs.

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Celestine Ndinda

Popularly known as Wakavinye, Comedian NJugush's wife gained alot of body weight after giving birth to his son, Tugi.

Two months ago, Celestine shared her pictures before and after the weight loss, and the difference was huge.

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Njugush went on to congratulate her for achieving the weight she desired.

"well done Wa Tugi, like you have really worked on yourself. Well done. I am so proud of you!we keep moving, it surely did not take a day but finally you are here. I will always love you in both sizes," Njugush wrote.

Arnelisa Muigai

The Keroche breweries heiress is a true definition of body transformation as she finally achieved 57 KGs, the weight she desired.

Through working out and change of diet, Arnelisa was able to shade more than 30KGs.

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She denied rumours that she had achieved the body shape through liposuction.

"I'll educate you. Lipo is only performed around the stomach area, but if you look at me, i am skinny everywhere, thats what strict dieting does," she said.