Saumu Mbuvi says her baby daddy Senator Anwar Loitiptip does not support the child they sired together.

In a Q&A on Instagram, a fan asked;

"Does Anwar support his kids?"

Saumu responded with a NO.

Saumu broke up with the Lamu Senator over domestic violence accusations.

“nearly killed me.

"These are the things he did to me. He almost killed me. I will forever fight for women to stand for their rights. Never allow a man to be violent to you."

Two months after breaking up with the businesswoman, Anwar married Aeedah Bambi.

In a past interview, Saumu revealed that she went through a tough time while in a relationship with the senator.

'I think the main problem is that I never give my self time to heal.

Relationships were my number one goal I always wanted to be in a relationship but right now am taking my time.

Right now I am focusing on my kids and my career. I am on a 90 day fast and  I hope God will send someone.’

The mother of two is on good terms with her first baby daddy.