Many children have fallen victim of broken relationships between their parents.

In most cases, when couples break their unions, the custody of the children remains with the mother.

This is only impossible if the father demands custody, or when a mother is found unfit to stay with her child.

However, in most cases, women use their children as a weapon to punish their ex-partners.

Recently, comedian Terence Creative opened up on his struggles to access her two daughters, citing frustrations from his ex wife.

As a mother, you should not deny your baby daddy a chance to see his children, no matter the vengeance you have towards him.

By denying your partner access to the baby, you are also denying the child her right to interact with their parent.

Most children desire to have a touch of parental attention and love from both parents.

It is not advisable for mothers to instil the hate they have towards their partners into children. As a parent, it is good to allow a child too interact with their father, and let them make their own judgements.

According to research, some children can not express their desire to get the attention of fathers, since they fear hurting their mother. This means that your child might be yearning to see his/her father but can not tell you.

In some cases, children who grow up in such environments may be affected by the conflict and end up showing resentment towards the mother too.