Kenyan comedian Blessed Njugush has shared how a random meeting with a renowned comedian landed him a role as a BBC presenter.

According to Njugush, he had gone to the theatre where they were producing a show which sadly never aired.

Speaking during an interview with Power House, the father of one shared.

‘I had gone back to the theatre and we were producing a show but it never aired. At some point, we were threatened that if it aired we were not to act on another show by the same group.

That is when I bumped into this prominent Kenyan comedian, I won’t mention his name.

He commended me for the good job I was doing, and we went our separate ways, that was in February.

In March, I received a call from the same comedian telling me he had landed a gig with BBC and wanted people to host it.

He wanted people who would lighten up the mood of the show as it was a governance show.

He wanted me to be his first guest.

My girlfriend at the time (Cele) provided my fare. The show was to run on a Thursday and by then I did not have his (comedian) contacts.

Unknown to Njugush, the comedian was going through personal issues and hence he was also not picking up calls from the BBC crew.

‘His mobile phone was off.

I went to the show and met Shix Kapienga and someone else and the BBC crew was so pissed thinking I knew where he was.

I presented and then they asked me if I would be available on a different date.

I did not even have the fare.

When I went for the second time I found some people among them a very friendly lady. The show was supposed to have a government person and an artist.

I had written my CV and a proposal on how I would run my radio show If I ever got one.


I was told to sit in for a comedian who was absent at the time. Luckily for me, I had studied mass media, I am a comedian and I love current affairs.

After that show, the lady asked me if I had ever been on the radio, and how busy I was. She offered me the job.

I was told I would be working on Monday to brainstorm and Thursday to shoot the show. I did the show for 1 year.