'Typing RIP feels like a bad dream,' Benjamin Ayimba's baby Mama Nyaboke Moraa mourns

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

Kenyan actress Nyaboke Moraa has joined Kenyans in mourning the death of her baby daddy, ex Kenyan Sevens coach Benjamin Ayimba.

Ayimba passed away on Friday, May 21 at the Kenyatta National Hospital where he was admitted with Cerebral Malaria.

 The actress disclosed the death numbed her and does not even know what or how he will tell their sons.

Through her social media she penned,

I am angry because I can't slap you back to reality, I am sad because I don't know what I am going to tell your boys because they know you went to work far away and will come back one day.

Rest well Otieno,I hope you made peace with God,because I prayed the novena and asked God to give you a chance to make things right.I guess my prayers were in vain. This is numbing,


What is life?

How do we go on from here?

I can't type RIP because it still feels like a bad dream.

Otieno why? Oh God.

Ayimba has been sick for month,he was battling celebral palsy.

May he rest in peace.

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