Planning on going for a liposuction? Here are things you should know before you sign those papers.

In 2020, Kenyan socialite Risper Faith went through a liposuction to get rid of her tummy which had gotten extra big after giving birth.

According to the mother of one, she spent a whooping 450K to get back a flat tummy.

Below is the procedure for a tummy Liposuction

1. The hospital carries a blood work on you

This is done to establish that you do not have diseases such as high blood pressure,HIV it any other disease that might affect the surgery directly or indirectly.

2. The hospital establishes whether your CS scar is healed

If not they perform a little surgery till it's completely healed to avoid complications.

3. The doctor advises you to lose weight and reach your desire weight

According to Risper Faith, losing weight and getting to your desired body before liposuction helps in getting a snatched body.

This is because they can only remove 5litres of oil in a single surgery.

For the mother of one she went through a 360 surgery in which they removed fat from her back and her tummy.

The bigger you are the more liposuction appointments you will have, each session costs 450K.

One can only go for a second round of liposuction after 6 months.

4. If blood work gets approved one is booked for surgery

5. Surgery occurs - It's advisable to ask for some time away from work while under going a liposuction until you get healed.

6. Once the surgery is through and the doctors approve your discharge then you are sent home with guidelines in how to take care if yourself.

Would you pay 450K to get rid of a certain body part or would you rather go to the gym?