Blessed Njugush has revealed the big role his dad played for him to get serious and marry his wife and college sweetheart Celestine Ndinda.

At the time, Njugush and Cele were just dating but his father could see that the damsel could make a good wife thus he pushed his son to make things official.

‘Cele was the only one present on my graduation day, so my dad wanted to know if I was serious or if I just wanted to waste her time.

After graduation, my dad even asked if she could come home for a holiday on 1st December, so I had no option than to obey.

By the time 2016 came my dad asked us to make it official, I did not have a job and I did not want to be a burden.

But my dad insisted saying even when he married my mum he had nothing.

Njugush added that his father pushed him to go visit his future in-laws which he did.

My dad insisted, he asked me and a friend of mine to go and announce that my parents would be visiting and so we did.

He was so planned that by the first day we went to see my in-laws he already had a date for our wedding in mind.

He grew up in a large family (9 siblings) and having struggled he did not want the same for us.

Njugush and Cele are happily married and have a son.

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