Kenyan socialite Risper Faith has said her self esteem had reached rock bottom before she decided to have liposuction in 2020.

The mother of one went through the surgery last year and she says it's the best decision she ever made.

Speaking on her You Tube channel, Risper shared

'when you get married or give birth some things change.

Before I gave birth my body was perfect.

But after I gave birth things changed.

I gave birth via CS and my tummy was left hanging as I could not tie it, it was so big.

It was sagged, I would use a waist trainer and a body shaper but it was very uncomfortable.

Risper added that having a saggy tummy affected her esteem hence she opted to take action.

'I would get very uncomfortable going to hotels to eat as I had body shapers or waist trainers.

Nlikua nimefika mwisho ya kunona. My esteem was also down.

I knew even if I worked out the baby pouch wouldn't go and I would be left with sagging skin.

And for me I love looking good so that is why I opted to go for a liposuction.

Would you go for a liposuction if you had the cash?

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