A city man has learnt his lesson the hard way after the woman he thought was a ‘wife material’ turned out to be nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He narrates of his heart wrenching story in this sarcastic post urging men to be on the lookout.

He says:

“I am a man married to a Jezebel.

My wife is a shadow of herself, she is not the woman I did courtship with.

It is like when you order for an Iphone and you got Tecno.

My wife use to cook for me during courtship I never knew she was using YouTube but now she insist cooking is not for her.

that I should get a maid because she is tired of using her bundles to access YouTube.

The same woman who was always in church during our courtship now see Sunday morning as sleeping hours.'

He added

I am not a man who rant  but this one has reached the level of ranting..

Was she pretending all along? I ordered for Ruth but I got a Jezebel…

My God hates divorce but  he will understand when I divorce her, because I cannot kill myself.

For the peeps who will tell me to pray and work things out, may you marry a Slayer too, and feel the fire.

Her mother and pastor have talked to her but nothing has changed.

His advise to fellow men

You can’t change a slayer into wife…

Did you marry a slay queen and what are some of the worst things she has done to you/shown you?