In a candid social media post, Nyce Wanjeri alias Shiro opened up on how she only learned how to use a tissue paper while in form one.
According to the mother of one, they used leaves to wipe their nether parts.

'Let's talk kidogo... Ni nini hiyo ulikuja kujua baadaye in life? Mimi nilijuwa wasichana tunafaa kutumia tissue after kususu nikiwa form one 😥😓.

Where I was brought up we used gazeti na maigosh (majani fulani soft) ...if you know you know.'

Unlike most people Wanjeri did not come from a wealthy family.

Taking to her social media recently she penned a long tribute to her late mum explaining all the things happening in her life.

'Dear mum, It's been four years since we buried you and it doesn't get easy at all.

I remember you every single day, when Tasha calls me mum, I miss you , when I see any woman with her kids I miss you ....

Mum a lot has happened and I am thankful for teaching me to be strong. Aki nakumiss if I would be given one wish only.

I would wish you come back to us. As your kids we are so close and we loooove each other so much so don't worry.

Tasha is in grade 3 now... Kizungu tuuu 🤣 katoto hodari yaani. Mum you were praying so hard for us aki...

Now I have me to pray for us. I have a lot to tell you but I will tell you in my bedroom alone as usual 😢😭.

Continue resting with the angels.. We love you so much Wangari Elizabeth.. And mum imagine kuna katoto kanaitwa wewe... 😍😍😍😘.

And mum niko na udaku aki 😎... I met somebody mum, He is amazing 😘😇. @addehprince @natashanyawira @iam.thuo'

Well Wanjeri is now a household name and she can afford to buy all the tissues she wants.

Did you ever use leaves/newspapers to wipe yourself after visiting the washroom?