Ruby was on a cab like a regular customer knowing in a few minutes she will be home in her bed warm and asleep like a baby after a night out.

Little did she know a wrong number would cost her bruises and a fractured hip bone. Ruby took to social media her horrific experience that she will never forget with one John Kamau a taxi driver under Little Cab.

Ruby and her friends do not just want to tell the story but they are seeking for justice.She wrote on Twitter that:

"My friend and I had the worst ever experience with a @LittleCabs_Ke driver John Kamau on Sunday morning which resulted in me having a broken knee and a bad hip.

Three of us took the cab together and my friend that was dropped off first told the driver that he'd be the one to pay for the trip once everyone had been dropped off. At our final stop, we let our friend know we were home so he could pay as planned.

He sent the money but to a wrong number. The driver starts being aggressive saying he knows the stupid pranks ladies pull so as not to pay. He snatched my friend's handbag and took my phone out and started leaving with it.

We follow him swearing there's no way he's leaving with my shit. In the process of hurling insults at each other, dude crashed my phone. He then went and took out a spanner wanting to hit my friend with it.

Guards came after hearing the commotion and one of them was trying to help us out. Another guard takes the driver's side. We argued and this guard who didn't quite seem okay in the head kicked me so hard on my hip so I fell.

He then grabs me and starts dragging me on the cabro which led to my messed up knee. Another guard had already called the cops. Two men show up in a probox and ask us to get inside. My friend refused asking for their IDs to be sure they are cops.

One of the cops pulls her and tears her dress at the front all the way to the waist so her body was exposed. The other one slapped me so hard that I fell into the car without much resistance.

One eventually showed his ID so my friend stopped resisting. We're driven to Pangani police station. On getting there, we find the driver already there and he'd made a report claiming we caused massive damage to his car.

I can swear this man probably hit the windscreen himself with that spanner he was holding. We're then taken into the cell. That was my first time and I'd do anything to let that not happen against. I was so traumatized I couldn't stop crying.

Later on we struggle to find means to phone home. After spending almost an entire day in there, we're finally let out after paying 11,500 bob to this horrible human. We paid a lot more to the cops for the "inconvenience".

We complained about how unfair that was seeing as we'd been unnecessarily assaulted by all these men in the picture. We're told that's not how the "justice" system works, that whoever reported first is who's word is bond.

So I ask what can be done about our assault and being falsely accused. A cop advised us to drop the story since we were finally free. I'm in so much pain yet I'm being asked to let it go. To add on to it, my new phone was crashed.

WORST DAY OF MY LIFE. Didn't take violence would fall on me the way it did. All I could think of is revenge in the worst way but now all I want is justice.

Forgot to mention that when the guards came and asked this driver to check his phone for payment, there was an Mpesa message. After all that madness he had caused, there hadn't been a need to. All he should've done is waited a little. Ugh.

I don't know who to take this up with but all I know is that I don't want to deal with cops ever again. That slap I got won't leave my mind"