There are things that one can never miss in a bachelors pad, they come as a saving grace in making their lives easier and brighter.
These are things that are almost universal in every bachelors house.
They Include:

1.  Laptop

A laptop is a necessity in a bachelors pad, it comes in handy especially when watching the latest movies or series in case one is not privileged enough to own a TV.

2. A tray of eggs

Eggs are a must have for most bachelors since they come in handy not only as a quick fix but as a hangover killer.

It does not matter if you own chicken or not but every bachelor keeps some eggs for those bad nights you don’t want to sleep hungry.

3. A packet of condoms

This is Nairobi and getting chips funga or chips fungwad, is easier than getting a job.

Having a standby pair of condoms is a convenient way for Nairobi bachelors to ensure they don’t catch a disease.

4. An old plate

A bachelors pad only has one or two plates they picked from a friend or a neighbor and never returned.

Unlike married men who have to constantly worry if there are enough utensils to cater for visitors, a bachelor does not care whether his single plate is clean or not provided it serves its purpose.

5. Bread

Bread is a must have for most bachelors as cooking is not every ones cup of tea, so bread serves the purpose.

Imagine coming home hungry to find a finely sliced bread and a ripe avocado, isn’t that a miracle by itself?

That is the feeling a bachelor gets every time they see bread.

6. Woofer/Music system

Woofers are a must have for most people, it makes the house more lively especially for the fact that there is no one to talk to due to his single status.

It announces to the neighbors that as much as he is lonely, he has something to entertain himself.

7. TV

Every bachelor wants to own a TV before anything else to keep in touch with the real wold.

It helps them keep up with local shows such as The Trend and football shows such as Sports Central.

A TV helps most people keep sane as it is the only thing connecting them to the world.

8. Mattress without a bed

This serves as a bed and a sitting area since most bachelor pads are not spacious enough to accommodate much furniture.

It is common to hear “Unaweza keti tu hapa." Whenever you visit a bachelor, it’s not like they have much of a choice anyway.

That phrase is a simple excuse for men to bed women and has been used a million times before.

9. Meko (Gas Cooker)

This comes in handy in fixing some quick tea and some scrambled eggs after a night out with the boys.

Due to the fact that bachelors rarely cook they are never in fear of coming home to a dry cylinder.

10. A sufuria

Most bacheloer have one sufuria/cooking pot mostly for warming water.

When cooking they cook a meal put it aside, wash the sufuria and cook the next meal.

Why complicate life?

Nini ingine tumesahau kuweka kwa list?