A former Hindu religious group employee has accused the company chairman of sexually harassing her at the workplace.

In a petition filed at the Employment Court, she claims that the chairperson of Ara Samaj sexually harassed her while she worked there.

The former employee said throughout her tenure her boss the chairman, Yash Pal Bansan, sexually harassed her by putting undue pressure on her for dates and sending her unwanted sexual messages.

“The remarks and comments made me feel humiliated, offended and intimidated resulting in a

hostile, uncomfortable and highly inappropriate,” she alleged.

She further accused the vice-chair Yash Pal Monga of displaying continuous, aggressive, threatening and intimidating behaviour towards her by publicly undermining her authority and reprimanding her before her subordinates.

The former employee said she lodged a complaint but they ignored to take action against Monga. Instead, she was told to desist from acts of insubordination or the management would take disciplinary action against her.

An independent panel was formed to carry out investigations on Monga’s actions against her and it concluded that he displayed aggressive and intimidating behaviour which constituted gender-based office harassment.

However, the management has refused to take any action against him which continues to allow a clear violation of her constitutional rights.

“The inaction by the organisation has fostered a culture and environment that appears to condone instances of discrimination and gender-based harassment,” she said.

Among the reliefs, she is seeking is an order to remove and bar Bansan and Monga from office.

She also wants the Registrar of Societies to remove their names as officers appointed to their organisation.

The former employee is further seeking damages for sexual harassment, gender-based harassment and unfair labour practices.

In response to her petition, Arya Samaj through their chairman Bansan has dismissed her claims as pure lies.

“I wish to state that the petition filed is littered with lies and the notice of motion application has withheld material information from the court intending to mislead the court.”

Bansan claims that her employment history was not one which any employer would have been amazed by on account of her age and lack of experience.

“As a result of the foregoing, the existing members of staff had to generally, teach her how to perform her roles, which meant that she was quite prone to mistakes” he claimed.