Kiss FM breakfast show host Jalango has commended Professor Hamo for apologizing to his baby mama, Comedienne Jemutai, and his first family for the mess he has put them through.

Hamo was weeks ago exposed for being a deadbeat dad by his baby mama Jemutai. He then demanded a DNA test which turned out positive something that made him be ridiculed by netizens even more

Taking to his social media, Hamo penned a long apology letter to his fans, wife, baby mama, and his kids.

Jalango now says Hamo did the right thing and that Jemutai should forgive him.

‘These are things that will hurt them for a long time and it won’t go out of their memories due to how messy it got.

Hamo apologized and I think it’s good as men we apologize when we err.

My advice is if there is an issue always try and solve it before letting other people in. Social media is the last place where you want to go and solve your issues.

Kamene says that the apology comes in a little too late as the damage is already done.

‘All these could have been avoided the minute Jemutai came and exposed him, He would just accept responsibility and apologized.

Men love fighting back and deny before apologizing which ends up hurting them in the process.

Do you agree with Kamene that Hamo should have apologized sooner?