Kate Actress has shared how she quit college after she received her first paycheck. This was when she landed a role on the Citizen TV show Mother-In-Law.

Speaking on her YouTube channel Kate said that being a single mum, she felt hustling and providing for her son was more important than school.

'I quit college after I got a role in acting Mother-in-law.

I got my first pay check and I could afford to buy my son stuff comfortably, so i decided not to continue with school.

I got swallowed into the party life and ditched college.

My mum could not allow it so she told me to move out. 

Kate added,

We rented a house in Maringo estate with my cousin Tina of mother-in-law.

I worked so hard as an extra till I was made the main character.

I never thought I would make a million before 25 but when I landed my first deal it was worth more than that.

I did not know what to do with the cash, I would go and just put my ATM card just to make sure the money was really there.'

My mum was trying to advise me, I would listen but I still wanted to spoil my child eventually the cash ran out and that's when I started  becoming serious.

Luckily for me they had only paid me 50%

Kate later went back to school and cleared her education.

She is today a celebrated actress, a brand ambassador, an artiste and a You Tuber.