Media personality and actress Njeri Makena has openly revealed her sexual orientation.

Speaking in a recent interview on an international media platform, TedX on behalf of TedX Parklands, Makena said that it had taken years for her to accept and admit the fact to herself.

She said she has had to be bold enough about herself. She identified herself as Chris Makena Njeri.

"My name is Chris Njeri Makena. I am happy, I am free and I am bold. For a very long time I could never introduce myself like this but somewhere along the journey I started to discover what it meant to live your truth, I started to discover who I was and I decided to be loyal to my authenticity."

She added;

From a very young age when we were taught that suits are for boys and dresses for girls. These same norms dictates who we should love as a man you are only expected to be with a woman and as a woman, the only partner you should bring home is a man.

The former Tahidi High actress said for the last decade, she struggled to live a normal life conforming to the different societal norms that have been placed on us from a very young age.

I remember for the first time in my life after very many years, I looked at the mirror and said to myself 'I am gay, I am unique and this is my truth'.

She said that the journey towards expressing her identity was not easy.

I had it rough for many years where small decisions like what to wear to a wedding as an adult was something that constantly frustrated me since I  wanted to wear a pant or a shirt coz that is what I was comfortable with but society insisted that as a woman, i should be in a dress.

Those were my fears and in that particular moment, I chose to put back my fears and chose to be bold in making more decisions. I started rocking what I was comfortable with to different event.

Watch the whole conversation below.