Former BBC journalist Njeri Makena says she almost fell into depression after she was trolled for being a member of LGBTQ.

In a recent interview with an international media platform, TedX on behalf of TedX Parklands, Makena said it had taken years for her to accept and admit the fact to herself.

The former BBC journalist also recounted a day when rumours about her orientation hit the interwebs after a girl had vandalized her Mercedes Benz alleging that she had cheated on her.

"I woke up with over 1000 messages and over 500 missed calls. My blood went cold I knew something was wrong. I did not know I had become a trending topic overnight."

She says that the trolls took a toll on her and for three months she was constantly down and almost fell into depression.

It was then she started speaking boldly about the LGBTQ community and has since opened an organisation called Bold network Africa that highlights stories of the community.

'This whole experience made some of my family members and friends become strangers. I started speaking boldly about the harassment of gay people in my country.

I started my own organisation called Bold network Africa that uses story telling to be able to inspire and tell different stories of people in the LGBTQ community who have chosen to be bold for our generation and generations to come.