Kenyan artiste Vivian has said she has never cosmetic surgery to enlarge her bust or derriere contrary to what many people think.

Speaking during an interview with Ala C, she narrated

'I was very skinny growing up but with time I have blossomed into a fully African woman. There is no secret as to how I achieved my curvy body.

If I had implants you would notice, I hear some get saggy and imbalanced so it's not fun.'

Having been brought up by a single mum, Vivianne says watching her mum hustle hard has taught her not to give up.

'I grew up in a family of four, we have one brother who passed on a few years ago.

My mum was a single mum and a dressmaker she also had a shop where she used to sell clothes.

Giving up for her was not an option.'

Vivianne is currently trending with her new song 'Tuko Sawa' featuring prezzo. Check out the video below