We all have that one ex whom we wish we could go back to, but don’t let this cold weather deceive you and lead you to their arms.

The truth is there will always be an ex no matter how perfect a relationship seems but here are mistakes you should not make after breaking up with.

Things you should not do to an ex.

Visiting his parents

I know of someone who visits parents to her high school boyfriends although they broke up and he went abroad.

Such habits make one desperate.

Once you break up with someone always keep off from his family unless you two had business operations you were running together.

Staying away proves you have moved on.

Inviting him to your place

Some exes are toxic and manipulative and will always try to sneak back into your life.

This may be due to the benefits they had when dating you eg finances, sex, etc.

The best thing to do when you break up with such an individual is to run and do not look back.

Stalking them

Stalking an ex on social media just so you can see who they are dating, where they went, and who they went with is stupid.

It goes to show that you have not moved on and that you wish you guys would go back together.

Instead, of doing so how about looking for motivational videos on how to make money?

Making it in life is the best revenge you can give an ex.

Airing dirty linen on social media

The temptation to air your ex's poor bedroom performance might be tempting, but the truth is doing so will only make you look stupid.

One would wonder why you stuck with such a man if he was a poor performer.

Instead of airing such on social media how about you count your losses and move on.