Jahmby Koikai has shared her experience on how missing a job opportunity despite giving her best made her doubt herself.

Sharing her story as encouragement to Kenyans going through the same, Jahmby wrote;

About 12 years ago, a certain media house ran an ad for news anchor positions. I applied, went to my hairstylist at the time Ralpho Hairworks who used to be at Reinsurance Plaza, bought a new suit from Patricia who used to sell these fits from Turkey hapo Kimathi Street and @shironyoike did my make-up. Nikaenda screen test nikaongea kizungu yangu yote maze. Hata regret letter sikupata.

Jahmby added that despite all her efforts they chose someone else for the job. Despite not being chosen for the job Jahmby says that incidence taught her a lot of lessons.

1.LACK of opportunity doesn't diminish your self-worth and authenticity. Keep at it and learn more skills. Despite losing so many chances and opportunities, I'm still good at what I do and Jahmby Koikai has never changed.

2. Faith. This should be number 1. Faith in God is the driving force in life. We may not see or know where we're going but God knows. All things work beautifully in His time.

3. Comparison is the thief of joy. If everyone was to open up about their battles, 'secrets to success, or how many people they stepped on to be where they are, sidhani tunaweza covet vitu za watu.

4. All good things take time. Patience is a virtue with great lessons. Wisdom is one of them.

Kwa hayo machache, please cover up and stay warm. Not my best weather but we shall weather this storm.