Is age just but a number or does the age of a partner determine whether a relationship succeeds or fails?

We have in the past seen older women get engaged/ married to yo0unger guys like in the case of Sandra Dangote alias Mama Diamond.

The big question is what makes such a relationship thrive?


Maturity in such a relationship is such an important ingredient and if it's missing chances are that the relationship will fail.

Dating a younger guy means he is likely to get attention from people of his age or younger girls.

If you are the type of woman who goes around fighting off women who are out to ‘steal’ your man then you might as well register for boxing classes.


Trust is important not only in relationships where the man is younger but in every relationship.

If there is no trust between couples they might as well break up.

Financial independence

One thing that makes relationships stronger is when both couples are financially independent.

When a couple is independent one does not have to rely on the other to support their needs and they do not have to necessarily account on every penny they spend.

One thing that leads to some men ‘kukaliwa chapo’ is them not having any form of financial stability.

Most of these men are kept as Ben 10’s.


Dating a younger person requires some form of openness so that the other person does not get insecure and assume you will leave them.

This means showing your partner off to your friends, spending time with him/her, and making plans together as a couple.

Ladies, would you date a man who is younger than you?