Socialite Amber Ray and Bonfire's director Sarah Kabu had a heated exchange of words on Instagram.

Amber Ray shared a throwback photo suggesting that any woman who has never been labelled a slay queen has never dressed well or looked good.

Jabo jabo,

If no one has ever labelled you a slayqueen ... that means you have never dressed well or looked good.

The post attracted thousand of likes and comments. Bonfire director Sarah Kabu jumped into the comment section and differed with Amber's statement.

Sarah said she would vote for Amber as one of the most beautiful women in Kenya but she cannot stand out like Sarah does with other CEO's.

She added that she respects Amber's lane as she knows there are many slayqueens looking upto to her.

Check out Sarah Kabu's post;

Hahaha Amber and Phoi when it comes to beauty and dressing hata hatuwezi bishana... nyinyi mko juu👏👏👏 i would vote for you as the most beautiful and glamorous women in Kenya. Lakini niki attend mkutano ya first ladies wa senetors governors mps and top CEOs all over kenya najua siwezi kosa kustand out vile mimi hustand out kwa world travel awards🔥🔥🔥 but much love from #thekabus enjoy your life many slayqueens are looking up to u... i respect lanes❤️

Amber responded to Sarah's comment requesting her to mind her business and to stick to her lanes.

Talking about standing out, indeed you are the most outstanding CEO's wife on Instagram street. not minding your own business is your greatest strength. out of all senators, governors, mps and CEO's wives, you are the most organised thats why you have enough time to hop from one page to the other commenting nonsensical stuff. Cheers.... back to your lane madam ceo, As president of second wives, you are not welcome here.