Missing someone? With Whatsapp, video calls have become a thing especially to close friends and family.

But it could also be labelled as lack of manners if you randomly just video call people without their consent.

Kiss FM's Kamene and Jalang'o shared their thoughts on video calls following a fan video calling their studio phone endlessly.

"There is this person who has been video calling the studio's phone. kaa huyu tume pick tukamuekea roof, you can't wake up and decide to video call people because you are invading peoples privacy." Jalang'o said.

He added;

"For me I only want video calls when I want to see something, maybe I had ordered something or the baby is sick. Imagine uko home umelala with my wife next to me and you want to video call me!"

Kamene also shared her two cents on the issue.

"There are these mannerless people who were raised sijui from where who love video calling you. Usiku na mchana unaona Kamene ako idle somewhere waiting for your video call?". 

So, if you want to video call people, let them know.