Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has revealed that she used to sell second-hand clothes as a way to make a living back in the day.

The socialite also added that she has never been employed in her life saying she learned how to hustle early, putting her at an advantage against her peers.

'The first job you got after high school?' asked Vera's fan.

To which the socialite responded

Never been employed in my life. Always hustled.

My dad juzi reminded me how I used to draw, paint on Manila papers in primary school & sell success cards during kcpe and In high school.

I used to sell second hand clothing to my schoolmates. Always had business acumen. When I joined uni, modelled, got contract for a lingerie website, did runway modelling for curvy girls, then at some point sold clothes from dubai (vs collection).

Vera is now a renowned business woman who runs her own salon and slimming tea business.

She is also a celebrated socialite who travels around the world mingling with the high and mighty in the society.

What was your first hustle and do you still run it ama uliomoka?

Mine was farming and I plan on doing it again soon.