Anerlisa Muigai is single. This is after Tanzanian singer Ben Pol confirmed that they are undergoing a divorce after marrying for about a year.

The Keroche Breweries heiress recently shared a photo which she captioned

The Eyes Tell A lot

While others saw beauty, some saw sadness and one fan asked Anerlisa to take time before getting herself into another relationship.

@anerlisa please dear don't start dating so fast give yourself a break to reflect otherwise some guys can take advantage of this period you are in.

Being grown enough, Anerlisa was not for it.

@duncan.mwendwa.5 Sweetheart that's good advice but not for a grown 33 years old  Ps* With age comes alot of experiences.

Ben Pol confirmed the divorce proceedings and asked for privacy through his management.

“At this time, Ben Pol would like to confirm that his divorce proceedings are in progress at the primary court but have not yet been finalised” reads the statement.

“These proceedings are a very private matter and he will not discuss any details out of respect for all parties involved”.

“He kindly asks that space and privacy be given to him and his family during these challenging times.

He appreciates everyone’s understanding and takes this opportunity to thank his family, his friends and his fans for their ongoing support.”