Janet Mbugua has praised her two sons for being in her life and giving her a purpose, adding they are the reason she wakes up motivated everyday.

The mother of two says despite the tears, sleepless nights and the chaos she wouldn't have it any other way.

Celebrating herself and fellow mothers on mother's day Janet penned

'This is my world of motherhood in a picture 😅 You’re trying on shoes but they become instant toys! It’s messy and it’s marvelous.

Cheers to the chaos, the clutter, the cuddles, the crying; the laughter, the love, the lessons, the light.

Cheers to my beautiful boys, Huru and Mali.

I don’t know what I’d do without them and to wake up everyday as their mother as such an honor. Love you boys!

Sending love to you all today as well.

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Other celebrity mums among them ex tahidi high actress Jackie Matubia have taken to social media to celebrate themselves on mothers day with the messages below.

Happy Mother’s Day to me... this girl is everything I gat... am a superwoman because of her... she’s the only reason I work hard as twice as I do... Thank you Zari and happy Mother’s Day to all Mums.

kate Actress wrote

I am nowhere near perfection but I swear my babies do make me feel like superman 😩...A Superwoman 💪 Happy mothers Day to

💛Moms all over the world

💛Hopeful moms

💛Rainbow Moms

💛Mother Figures

We love ,and Appreciate you 🙏

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