As the world celebrates mothers day, music producer and Joka Jok founder Tedd Josiah has said raising a child alone as a man is not easy.

Having been left with a 3 month old infant after the death of his wife Reginah Katar, Tedd had to rise up and be the mother and the father to his daughter Jay.

Celebrating mothers and dads who have taken up the roles of bring up kids on their own whether due to natural or personal circumstances, he penned

 'Every mother wants to be there for their children until their children are very very grown, no mother wants to leave their child as an infant cause they know the child won’t get motherly love.

To all those whose moms are in heaven, to those whose babies are in heaven, those who are still trying to be moms, those who are having a tough relationship with their moms, those who are praying to be moms, and those who are moms.....

I value you cause i have walked a mile in your shoes and though my life plan had never been to become a Mother to a 3 month old,.

Tedd added

'I had no option but to become the mother.

The journey of motherhood isn’t easy but the little hugs are the rewards

Blessed Mother’s Day to you all from the bears 🐻

Happy Mother’s Day in heaven mama JayJay 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💕💕💕 keep resting in peace