It's high time married Kenyan men learned how to zip up considering the high number of illegitimate kids being sired every day.

Gone are the days when men took pride in taking care of their families, as most men have now left the responsibilities to their women hence the high number of single mothers.

If the recent happenings, between Churchill comedienne Jemutai and her baby daddy Professor Hamo, is anything to go by, then it’s time we changed as a society.

In such situations, it is kids who end up suffering.

People are nowadays more quick to expose their dirty linen on social media rather than solve their issues amicably.

Hamo was frequently exposed by Jemutai for being irresponsible over their kid/s.

According to Jemutai, the radio host-cum comedian has not been paying their rent, school fees, and other bills.

In one of the posts Jemutai shared on her social media platforms, she alleged that Hamo would go home drunk and even insinuated that he was physically abusive.

In the recent case, Kenyan Youtuber Kabi Wa Jesus has also had to eat humble pie after it was confirmed through a DNA test that he had sired a kid with his cousin.

The embarrassing thing about this whole saga is that he has been living life on the fast lane, going for trips abroad and on local vacation while his daughter is suffering.

He has been very vocal in flaunting his son with his wife Milly Wa Jesus while his daughter Abby languishes in poverty.

These two cases are not unique; it is the sad reality of Kenyans are living at the expense of their kids.

So men should learn to zip up if they cannot take care of their kids.

Like the wise men said ‘Kuzaa sio kazi kazi ni kulea.’

Even a mad man can sire a kid so what would make you different from him is you taking up your responsibilities.

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