Former Nairobi Women Rep aspirant Karen Nyamu and baby mama to mugithi maestro Sammidoh, now says her son is a love letter from God.

The mother of two said she never believed in her wildest imagination she would have a son.

Sharing a photo of herself and her son Sam Jnr, she penned

'Sometimes when I look at my children I don't believe I have my son. It's still surreal and too good to be true! Who can relate?

 The beauty of life is how unpredictable it is. There are pleasant surprises in all our journeys. My son is a love letter from God to me, a testament of God's love and purpose in my life. 

Kweli His ways are not our ways. (Isiah 55:8-9) I am so grateful to be a mummy of 2. I was always thinking to myself, Karen you're too much woman to have just one child haha! Mungu ni nani, akacheza kama yeye! Let me hear your testimonies pia😄

Below are some of the testimonies from her fans

awairimu140: Don't whisper the feeling Aki..I have an 8yrs gal. was married until when I wanted a second-born nikakosa the guy went ahead and married wakapata mtoi..weee what I went through don't 😭only God kept me. Got divorced but I was sure my God never fails! expecting 2nd born finally! Who do you call my maker?

njokinelly7: Nakuelewa mimi nko na a 10 old girl vile nlitaka mtoi mwingine ikawa ni balaa friends,neiba wakaanza kusema nko na shida even your own. nikwashidwa kwani huyu first born alitoka wapi? Mungu na yeye ni nani!! Afte 1yr nka pata boy.

nyamburakabui: Wooi mi nliolewa nikakosa mtoto😭😭sema tumama kuniongelelea na mushene nkipita woi.

Who is God ? yaani last year November nilipata mtoto, from 2018-2019 my life was very difficult I used to cry every time niko kwa nyumba pekeyangu sai I look at my daughter I shed a tear nikikumbuka yale nlipitia.

galdin_skyy: My firstborn is 10 years old. Got the second one 7 months ago. Bado hua siamini kama ni kangu 😀😀😀😍😍😍