Gospel singer Denno is pleading for help on behalf of Amali Omondi, an eight-year-old girl who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and hopes to help her get the required medication.

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke the 'Mbona' hitmaker explained:

"She has corrective surgery for the left hip dislocation, she has a backbone problem, she also need regular occupational therapies and medication to control convulsions, thats why we are appealing to well wishers to help us raise the required amount"

Denno has also taken to social media to ask his fans to help Amali.

Name: Ohagan Amali Omondi

DOB: 04/01/2013

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy /Convulsive disorder / Delayed milestones / hip bone dislocation.

Following the diagnosis she has been on :-

1. Regular follow up to control the convulsions. On clonazepam , Lamotrigime and Sodium Valproate.

2. Regular occupational therapy to train delayed neurodevelopmental milestones and physiotherapy.

Then another issue has come up been the third one of the hip dislocation which needs corrective surgery.

To achieve all this we need 3,000,000 Ksh, therefore plead with you to support her financially. Your little help could be a blessing to #BABY_AMALI

Mpesa playbill number: 8015989

ACCOUNT: Judy Ondara