Jalango has asked Kenyan women to embrace cleanliness and avoid staying in the same clothes and going out with friends while 'stinking'.

According to Jalas, cleanliness is important and should not matter whether you are poor or rich.

The debate came about after it was noted that Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu changed her clothes thrice from the point she arrived in Kenya to when she left Statehouse.

According to Jalango, Samia is privileged because she can afford to change clothes when she wants but that doesn't mean women should embrace untidiness.

Speaking during the morning Kiss, he said

'She cannot go to dinner in sneakers nor can you come visiting me in clothes you were smoking shisha in smelling of smoke.

You cannot stay with the same dera the whole day.

You should even bathe twice a day and if you get a chance to shower thrice, well and good.' Jalango advised