Weeks ago Marya Prude, ex-wife to Citizen TV host Wilis Raburu, confirmed their divorce saying they were never getting back.

This she did during a Q and A segment with her fans.

Willis faced backlash when rumours surrounding their failed marriage started, as at the time he was alleged to have been cheating with a woman identified as Miva Noella.

In a cryptic post, Marya now says she does not regret the time spent with someone as at some point it made her feel special.

The message could likely be targetted at her ex-husband. Through her social media she penned

I'll never regret someone that I had an amazing time and experience with. Even if we fall off. You made my life special at a certain time. We grew together, even if we grew apart. Thank you

The couple lost their unborn daughter Adana in 2020, after Mary developed complications leading to a still birth.

The now ex couple uniquely honoured their stillborn daughter Adana by getting tattoos of their little angel.

This they did by visiting popular tattoo artist Barry Tusker and got tattoos of their little angel.

The death of their daughter took a toll on the couple as the marriage did not last long after that loss.
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