Kiss FM radio host Jalango has advised Kenya to always lend a helping hand especially on matters business, instead of saying ngoja wakati wa Mungu.

According to Jalango, a little help such as connecting someone to a business idea/deal or tagging them is one way of helping them as they await for God's time.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, he said

'People should learn to support their friends and stop telling them kila saa to wait for God's time.

Go them to events and show them the guy who has connections. Even if they mess up later at least you tied to show them the way.

A little support goes a very long way. If you know of a small business tag them on your social media platforms and let your follows know what they see.'

Kamene added

There is a time I wanted to venture into Corporate Emceeing, but they already have a clique where they give each other jobs.

So no one would even refer you.

Acha hii tabia ya uchoyo iishe.' She pleaded

Have you ever asked a friend for business support and did not agree to help? If not, what was their excuse?