We all want to party and have fun, especially when the week is over and you just want to take a break from all the school or office work.

And one of those ways of unwinding is hooking up with your buddies or boyfriend/girlfriend for some few drinks before heading home. But now, when it comes to women, there happens to be a few annoying habits we have when we have had way too much to drink.

Whether you are with your partner, a male friend, a date or a just a colleague, it can look very disrespectful when you get drunk and do some things that can get a man very offended and annoyed with you.

Well, here are 7 things that Kenyan women do when they are very tipsy or drunk that annoy men. Check them out below.

1. Puking/Vomiting Recklessly

Ladies, I know when vomit comes it's hard to hold back, but for crying out loud, if you have that feeling that you may throw up, go to the ladies lavatories just to avoid a big mess. It's so embarrassing for the dude you accompanied if you just carelessly puke on the table, chairs or counters in the clubs, especially if his friends are around. And then, if you can't handle too much alcohol, just drink enough or don't drink at all.

2. Shouting Out Loud When Your Favourite Song Plays

So when your favourite Beyonce song plays, you scream out so loud that you can still be heard even with the ear-deafening sound from the club speakers. Wow, trust me, it makes you look like a maniac and the worse part is; everyone knows your drunk, so they expect the guy you are with to be the one to control you. Not fun for the man, at all!

3. Spilling Drinks On Other People While Dancing

When some women get drunk, they tend to dance more and show some killer moves, but it can get really annoying when you insist on doing so with a drink in your hands. If you decide to do a bend over with a glass of wine or glass of whisky, it will definitely pour on other people, especially if it's crowded. Some ladies can't even hold their glasses tightly when high and they end up spilling alcohol on themselves or others.

4. Leaving Your Table Every Minute

Some ladies cannot settle down when high, they just want to keep moving from one table to another, in the name of saying hi to some friends or workmates she has spotted. If they see a friend on the next table, they don't hesitate to go there and get comfortable, even start to dance with them and drinking their alcohol. Others even disappear for hours, and maybe they left their handbags and phone with the guy.

5. Allowing Every Man To Flirt With You

Yes, as much as this sounds wrong, it does happen. When some lasses get drunk, they tend to loosen up way too much, to the extent that they allow men in the club to flirt with them, forgetting that she is with another man. It can even come out as disrespect and don't be shocked if a man throws some tantrums because of this. If you want to flirt randomly with men in a club, come with your girls alone. Simple!

6. Knocking Other People's Tables Or Drinks

There are some ladies who become very unstable when drunk and end-up knocking other people's drinks or table while dancing or just walking by. It can get really embarrassing for a man especially if some glasses break in the process or someone gets soaked in alcohol all over because of you can't handle your alcohol intake.

7. Being Too Ratchet

Well, one of my male friends told me how he gets annoyed when a lady gets high and becomes ratchet and engages in some behaviour like; dirty dancing with random men, drinking too much alcohol like a man, sitting carelessly with your legs wide apart yet you are in a dress/skirt and even others allowing men to touch their butts or boobs.