Lawyer Cliff Ombeta speaks out after actor Ainea Ojiambo's gun is taken by police

Piece by: star.writer

Actor Ainea Ojiambo has been released by police on bond after shooting two bystanders in an unfortunate twist as he was trying to defend himself from a daring daylight robbery by three thugs.

Police said the Friday evening incident involving the film and TV star was not premeditated and that he was acting in self-defence.

“He fired two bullets which missed his targets and instead hit two other people. The matter is being looked into for now,” said an officer who is aware of the probe. His pistol was taken away for forensic analysis.

Police said they recovered spent cartridges from the scene. His lawyer Cliff Ombeta arrived at the station and engaged the officers giving the undertaking to produce Ojiambo if and when needed.

Ojiambo reported to the station on Saturday as a follow up to the probe that is ongoing.

The officers said they were consulting on the way forward on the incident.

The incident highlighted a growing concern over rising incidents of violent crimes that are creeping back to the city in the past months.

Cases of violent muggings are on the rise in the city as police struggle to contain them.

A senior police officer said a plan to address the menace had been drawn and implementation is ongoing. Thugs have been roaming in parts of the city, robbing pedestrians in broad daylight.

-The Star/Cyrus Ombati