Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has said the reason she took a music break is that she wanted to rebrand adding she is ready for a comeback.

Vera who has two songs under her cap says she wanted to identify which genre of music she will stick with and she has.

'Mbona Tena uliacha kuimba?' asked a fan

To which Vera responded,

Took a long break as I needed to figure out what genre would suit me best & blend with my brand. After a lot of soul searching, I finally found the perfect match & I'll unveil when time comes. In sure y'all will definitely love the rebranding'

Apart from being an upcoming artist Vera has been a video vixen in the past.

She rose to fame for being a video vixen in the song 'You Guy' by P-Unit. She later became a vixen for Otile Brown in the song 'Baby Love'.

At the time they were dating but they have since broken up.