Vera Sidika is always the talk of town.

If she is not twerking and making team mafisi crazy with desire, she is hanging out in posh places that make fisilets envious of her lifestyle.

But Vera revealed life is not all rosy...

The Kenyan socialite has traversed the world and meet the who is who in the entertainment arena.

Check out some of her photos with various personalities.

As a popular personality who meets many people, how she presents herself is something of utmost importance.

Vera spares no expense when it comes to grooming herself. She spends money on the latest fashion designs and footwear.

And good clothes have to be complemented with good hair and make-up.

Here are the top ten Vera Sidika signature hairstyles that fans have come to love and some hate.

She is definitely not her hair because she keeps changing it.

  1. The Short Blond Crop

Vera Sidika rocked this look very well.

She coupled it with a pair of hot sunglasses and attention-grabbing lipstick to accentuate her looks.

See how she wore this look.

2. Sassy Miss Red Head

One thing that Vera understands, is a passion for what she does.

This passion is most times displayed by her choice of weave colours.

Vera has on numerous occasions been spotted with this hairstyle and truth be told, red is a good colour for this yellow-yellow.

Check out the look.

3. The Black Boy Cut

This hair style brings out her colour ya thao, skin hue.

It also gives her a very mature and well-put-together-not-ratchet-at-all look.

Check out how Vera rocked it.

4. The Fetty Wap

So, word has it that Vera was gifted a Ferrari branded cap that was once owned by American rapper Fetty Wap.

I'm not sure how true that is, but Vera has rocked that look courtesy of the red cap from the award-winning rapper.

Check it out for yourself.

5. The Long Flowing Blond Look

This seems to be Vera's classic go-to hairstyle. She has been photographed on numerous occasions donning long flowing blond coloured weaves.

Somethings the weave is straight, most times it is curly.

Here is how she wore this look.

6. The Head Gear Look

There are times a chic has bad hair days. To combat this, you cover your hair with a hat, cape or trendy headscarf.

But for Vera, head gears are not for hiding bad hair days but accentuate good ones. Check out how she rocked the good hair with the headgears.

7. The Curly Wavy - Good Girl Next Door Look

In this look, Vera looks demure and coy. She gives off a girl-next-door vibe.

A chic who you can sit down with on a date and have a fun and interesting conversation.

She doesn't come off as overly high maintenance in this look, unlike the others detailed before this.

Check out her look.

8. The Badass Matron-hair-off-the-face bun

Once in a while, Vera will mix it up and pull a move no one expected. The chic who is known to let her hair down decided for a more mature matron-like look.

She tied her hair back in a bun. It may have been for a serious business meeting, who knows!

Vera also coupled the look with a turtle neck covering her most valued assets.

9. The Cheap Looking Weave

Vera is human too, she errs. Despite her expensive and stylish taste in weaves, there are times she wears weaves that look cheap and badly fixed onto her head. This is one such instance.

10. Before the money-and-the-bleaching

Everyone knows Vera Sidika after the fame. But before all the money and jet setting lifestyle, Vera was a hustler too.

Expensive weaves were not a priority back then. Hence the choice in these ugly looking hair additions. Check them out.